The Rebrand: Bank Differently With Aladdin

Aladdin Rebrand

What’s new ?

We wanted a brand new logo, color scheme, typeface that embodies our core values as a company. Hence, We redesigned our logo to reinforce our commitment to excellent customer service, transparency, innovation and resilience. The new brand logo is modern with more whitespaces, clean colors, and an attractive style.

So I think the ideology behind the previous one is still the same with this new one as well. Just simplified and modern. The aladdin logomark comprises of two elements, the letter “A” and an arch which symbolizes a bridge.

The bridge represents the core of Aladdin’s mission, which is to bridge the gap between customers and allow them to interact socially and commercially on the app as opposed to how traditional bank apps works “

— — Best Omotayo (UI/UX designer, Aladdin)

The future of Banking in Africa

We believe that Africa needs a different type of banking especially due to the fact that 70% of Africans have side hustles. We put food on our table through various hustles ranging from 9–5 jobs, freelancing, side gigs, and small businesses. We equally know that access to money is important because most people don’t have the time to juggle their side hustle with their 9–5 or main hustle.

That’s why we decided to build Aladdin, a digital bank with a marketplace designed to support our daily hustle. We’ve made it easier for Africans to earn, spend, save and invest securely in one bank while doing what they love, Interact. We always aim to be a bank that lets you connect financially as well as socially.

Simply put, we wanted to build an app that our customers will love, so we made it better — — David (CTO, Aladdin)

The New Banking Experience: Coming soon…..

On January 6th, 2021, Aladdin was born out of the need to make all our customers’ financial wishes come true. As we progressed, we saw that for financial wishes to come true, we needed to provide the tools that help each of our customers earn more and build wealth in the long run.

Over the past few months we have been rebuilding the app to offer a completely new experience in line with customers feedback and our evolved vision. We will be rolling out the new app in the next couple of days. Here is all the new Aladdin app will offer;

✔Buy, sell and interact with verified bank customers

Use the Safepay system for secure payments. Here, a buyer can make payments to our Escrow system and money will only be disbursed to the seller once the buyer verifies by providing evidence. Avoid the headache of What I ordered versus what I got. Safepay system ensures payments only go when you get what you ordered

✔Get amazing deals and offers every day

✔Free Banking

Transfers to all banks are now activated. No charges on transfers. No SMS or stamp duty charge.

✔Pay for your lifestyle easily

Bill payments, pay your bills on the app. Airtime, data, taxes, church offering, etc. Over 4000 billers to choose from

✔Savings & Investments

Automate your savings habits anyway you choose with our goal, fixed and flex savings options. Earn as much as 16% per annum when you save. Earn 24% per annum with our fixed investments.

✔Accessible Loans & Overdraft

Get loans of up to 150k in 5 mins or less. Get access to overdraft after you qualify based on your transaction history. Access nano loans and salary loans

Aladdin Digital Bank

Save, borrow, pay, and invest with us. Visit aladdin. ng to get started today. Connect with us on social media: Twitter/Instagram/Facebook — @aladdinbankng




Bank differently on Aladdin, a digital banking platform where you can save, borrow, pay, and invest Visit to get started today

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Aladdin Digital Bank

Aladdin Digital Bank

Bank differently on Aladdin, a digital banking platform where you can save, borrow, pay, and invest Visit to get started today

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