My Savings Saved Me When I lost My Job

Kemi .F. Odesola

#MySavingsSavedMe is a series about the stories of everyday Nigerians whose savings got them through unexpected life events

The lady in this story had a high-paying job but lost it after a year. It was her savings that got her through the tough times.

What happened?

I remember how fast my heart was beating when I got the call that changed everything. Before that day, i looked forward to the end of the month and always grinned to myself when i received alert. It was really a year of harvest, cause I had a lot of money coming in. One thing I do thank God for is that I saved like crazy that year. Not that I anticipated I will need it in the coming years but because I always knew saving was a good idea.

How did you cope?

So when I got the dreaded call that I lost my job, I cried my eyes out that day and i think a couple of weeks after. Nevertheless, I am still grateful till this day that I didn’t lose anything else. My savings really helped me through the months I had no income coming in. I had saved enough money to travel for vacation , which i really needed after all that had happened. I was also able to take a break from job hunting to ascertain what I really wanted with my life and career. My savings also gave me the freedom to explore my interests in media and entertainment. I was able to buy my first camera which I used to secure paid photography jobs.

Your Best Savings Advice?

My best advice will be to view money like water from a tap. Always fetch and store it safely for the times you would need it. If you don’t have the discipline, you can register with a digital bank like Aladdin that helps you automatically save and even earn interests daily, weekly, or monthly. I know that if I had not saved for the rainy days, I probably would not have survived it.


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