Introducing AladdinVest: A Secure Way to Earn a High ROI on Your Investments

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2 min readJul 12, 2021

Six months ago, we launched Aladdin digital bank and since then we have helped our customers;

  • To earn on savings and win cash prizes during the Aladdin Weekly Raffle draw.
  • To access quick loans whenever you need them.
  • To automate bill payments

How have we done so far?

  • We have given out $100,000 in Nano loans to our customers
  • Our goal and fixed savings have moved up 400% since our savings drive and raffle draw began
  • We have recorded a high volume of cable TV, data, and airtime transactions with more bill payment options like PHCN, Netflix, cinema tickets in the pipeline.
  • We gained over Thirty Thousand (30,000) customers and got into a Silicon Valley accelerator!

Here’s the BIG NEWS!

As part of our six-month anniversary celebrations, we spent time building an investment product that is safe, secure, and pays off 5% monthly on your capital. We now present our maiden investment product, Aladdinvest.

AladdinVest is an investment fund from Aladdin Digital Bank that pays out 5% monthly, 15% quarterly, 30% bi-annually, and 60% annually. Aladdinvest is a high yield asset with minimal risk and accessible on an easy-to-use platform

Kindly note that ROI is subject to a withholding tax of ten percent.

High Returns on Investment (ROI)

As a digital bank, we have a high demand for our nano loans which are high-interest short tenure loans thus we can ensure investors get their payouts and profit.

All money deposits of Aladdin Digital bank are secured by Nigerian Deposit Insurance Commission (NDIC) and powered by Purple Money Microfinance Bank. Hence, your funds are safe and you are guaranteed to receive your funds upon maturity of the investment.

How does AladdinVest work?

Step 1: You sign up for Aladdinvest online at

Step 2: Fund your investment account via USSD, debit card, or bank transfer.

Step 3: Select the duration of interest available in one, three, six, and twelve months.

Step 4: Submit your investment. Its status should now change to processing. During this period it has been sent to our finance team for final verification.

Step 5: Your investment goes live.

New to AladdinVest? Find out more about us here

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