Become a Millionaire in a Year Through Saving

If you start saving ₦3,000 daily, you would become a millionaire in a year .

You do not need a high paying job or a lot of money to become a millionaire. Don’t get me wrong, having a high paying job helps a lot but without a solid savings plan, even with a lot of money you could still end up broke . The concept for saving for the future is something that we only understand with respect to retirement savings but it’s a habit that can greatly improve your life if implemented in other areas.

Here are some tips for building Millionaire Savings in 2021:

1. Make savings a habit :

Everyone wants to have money but many lack the discipline it requires to grow and sustain it. By putting money aside regularly no matter how small, you are building self discipline with regards to money which is essential in wealth building. For instance, If you start saving ₦3,000 daily you would have over ₦1,000,000 in a year. More so, if you saved with Aladdin bank’s fixed Savings account you will have an additional savings of ₦160,000 in interest.

2.Stop unnecessary spending :

Think about it this way, any time you spend naira on something you do not need, it is one less naira you could have saved towards a necessity. For instance, instead of the latest iPhone X , you can save towards buying a car that helps you get to work on time . Aladdin bank has goal Savings account where you can automate savings towards your life goals like getting a masters degree or buying a new car.

3. Save with a high-interest bank account:

When you save money using a high interest account like Aladdin bank’s savings account, you get between 6–16% interest on your savings. This means you are able to grow your savings compared to your traditional bank that pays you only 1.25% interest.

Hence you earn more money in your account over time and grow your money while you spending for those savers who will like to easily access their savings anytime they wish.

In conclusion, you can become a millionaire in savings if you are disciplined. Ask yourself how much you can save comfortably everyday, week or month and then commit to doing so beginning from today.

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