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2 min readJul 19, 2021

A lot can happen in one year!

You can transform your whole life by changing your old way of doing things. For instance, you can become successful by learning from your past mistakes which could lead you to start a successful business, build your dream house. and get the life you can only dream of.

At Aladdin, we want to be a part of your transformational journey. That is why we created AladdinVest to help you manage your finances by giving you more returns on your investment with us.

We also understand your frustrations with your regular bank savings accounts, which give you a meager 1–3% interest after keeping your money for a year. You may even own a bank account longer than the number of years you have worked and still have nothing to show for it.

You can change this today! All you need to do is commit to investing a percentage of your savings with AladdinVest which offers you safe, secure, and high-interest investment at your fingertips.

How AladdinVest Works

This makes you more money in a year because we have a high demand for our nano loans which are high-interest short tenure loans we give out. Hence, we are able to ensure investors get their payouts as at when due and with a profit.

More so, AladdinVest’s return on investment (ROI) is 24% per annum compared to traditional banks offer of 1% to 3% per annum on their savings accounts.

Here’s how to invest in AladdinVest;

  1. You sign up for Aladdinvest online at invest.aladdinvest.com.
  2. Fund your investment account via USSD, debit card, or bank transfer.
  3. Select the duration of interest available in one, three, six, and twelve months.
  4. Submit your investment and wait for final verification.
  5. Your investment goes live.

Whatever happens in a year depends on your decisions today and your commitment every day.

Have a great week

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